New Beginnings

On October 1, 2014, we were blessed by God with a new creation—new members, new energy, new hope, new life in Christ. As members of Christ’s kingdom we have seen the old pass away and the faith community of Woodhaven (“WPC”) become new. As we begin 2015 WPC has the opportunity to fully embrace our new beginning through a Presbyterian Mission Agency program, aptly called New Beginnings! 

What is New Beginnings? It is a way for us to envision the future of WPC. It is both an assessment and a process:

  • As an assessment, it provides us with information/data about our church and neighborhood, including a building inspection, a financial review, detailed demographic information and much more.
  • As a process, it helps us use that information/data to guide small group discussions about our future story: How are we called to be the living Christ in the world, our neighborhood, and our faith community?

The heart and soul of New Beginnings are six small group discussion meetings (5-8 people per group) led by WPC trained leaders. Through prayer, discernment, and discussion, these groups will reach conclusions regarding our future story that will be shared with the session and the congregation.

This is NOT strategic planning nor is it problem-solving. It is prayerful discernment and the renewal of relationships—with God, our neighborhood, and our faith community. It’s about God’s plan through Christ to be lived out by WPC. At the end of the day, New Beginnings will bring us into the fullness of life that Jesus calls us toward.

What can you do? Pray for WPC, New Beginnings program and leaders, twenty-four (24) other churches in Grace Presbytery that are also on this journey, and your decision to be a part of a small group. You will be personally contacted by a leader in the coming weeks regarding specific ways that you can personally support New Beginnings.

Thanks be to God for new creations in Christ!

For more information visit the New Beginning website at

Brennan Caviness
Ottlynne Caviness

Peggy Duvall
Pat Gwyn
Dan Klein

Dennis LaCaze
Nancy Larmon
Dena Owens

Karen Smith
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