Spiritual Direction

CrossThese are some new words floating around Woodhaven lately and I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about them and what they mean. First, may I introduce myself to you? My name is Regina Hunt and I am a Spiritual Director and Certified Lay Pastor (PCUSA). In recent months I have had the privilege of being affiliated with Woodhaven where I work with individuals and groups who are interested in exploring their relationship with God.

Spiritual Formation and Direction is a process in which we look more deeply into our lives through contemplative prayer practices, mainly listening for that “still, small voice” in us. As we listen we are looking for God’s movement in our lives and learning to respond to God’s presence in a purposeful manner. Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy, not is it counseling. It is exploration that is focused strictly on spiritual matters and our relationship with God.

In my role as a Spiritual Director, I am a companion who walks with you on a journey of discovery and growth, offering guidance and support as you explore your relationship with God and God’s action in your life, both past and present. You might think of me as a mentor. My job is to listen to your story, your wondering about God in your life, helping you sort through your questions, your beliefs, and observations about your life, offering suggestions, encouraging you, and helping you find what you seek.

Together we listen and to the whole self – your whole self. How does this work? In our time together, usually once a month, we talk about the things that matter to you, what’s happening in all areas of your life. We explore these things looking for the spiritual significance in each. Some of the questions I might ask you are “Where is God in this?” “What do you think God is saying (would say) about this?” “What gift might God be offering you in this situation?” In our time together, we are sitting with our ever-present God who is the guiding light in our relationship. Our intention is to awaken to who we really are and affirm our spiritual nature and God’s presence with us in every day and every moment.

I consider it a privilege to have been called to this work and be a witness to God’s work in others. If this is an area of your life that you would like to explore, I invite you to do and I am honored to walk with you in that exploration.

Grace and Peace,
Regina Strader Hunt
(214) 448-4366
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