Harvesting in Spanish

As you can imagine, an international mission trip can be quite expensive. In order to pay for one, most people will need some help. That’s why we’ve set up an easy, convenient way for anyone to make donations in support of the mission trip. GoFundMe is a website based fundraising system that makes this easy; there is no minimum or maximum donation amount, so you can give whatever you are able to give (every little bit helps). Because it is an online system, it is also easy to give multiple donations, you can donate a little bit each month or each week as you are able. The money you give will be used not only to pay for us to travel down there, but also to reimburse the Children’s Home for the power, water, and food we will use while we’re there, so that our presence is not a drain on their resources and we can truly benefit them with our a presence and our gifts.

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