Sunday School 9:00 a.m.

PreK through 5th Grades

The PreK and Elementary classes will be learning the stories of God through sensorimotor materials that bring the stories to life using the Godly Play curriculum.

Middle School Youth (6th-8th grades) and Senior High Youth (9th-12th grades)

The Middle School and Senior High Youth class will be using the new Feasting on the Word Lectionary curriculum.  They meet in the Education Building.

Small Group Sunday School Class

The Small Group Sunday school class meets in the Parlor (west end of Hancock Hall). They seek to balance good Christian fellowship and good Christian education. They engage in studies of both scripture and discipleship. This class is known for its relationships and for the spirit of prayer in their midst.

Spirit Seekers Class

The Spirit Seekers class meets in the north end of the Education Building. This group is known for its broad theological diversity and open dialogue. Each Sunday the class looks at current issues in the religious world, actions of the General Assembly, and does an ongoing study of topical issues.

Confirmation Youth (7th-8th grade)

Confirmation is a time of preparation as youth prepare to take on the responsibility of adult membership in the church and confirm their faith as their own. This intense study covers topics such as Bible knowledge, theology, church history and government, and Christian discipleship. During this ten to twelve week course, confirmands will take an in-depth look at their own faith journey and the roles that they, God, and the faith community play in that journey. Adult mentors join confirmands on their journey and covenant to be faith partners. The confirmation class usually begins in January, with confirmation taking place on Palm Sunday.

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